Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of well done job. In the growing economy time machinery has become the most important assistance for various industries. We, Tai-Yi Machine, have been in business in mixing and blending experience and Know-how in Research, Design, Experiment, frabrication and After Sales Service to various mixing machinery from small machines to big plants. From the planning stage to servicing the equipment delivered, that cater to a wide variety of products from low, medium and high viscosity in countless mix temperatures and etcs.

Especially in all aspects Pain Production, Varnish, Ink, Chemicals and Adhesive, Detergent, Cosmetics Coating, Confectionery, Waste water Treatment & Sludge, Textile, Bio Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Product with G.M.P. specification and many more applications.

This commitment has led us to upgrade a new standard and direction by providing total customer satisfaction.

We sincerely looking forward to have a dialogue with your esteemed company as to provide you our sincere service as soon as possible. Our approach will be a definite advantage for your company if the need arises.